Maison Berger Paris buys Sensorwake olfactory alarm clock maker Bescent

Fragrance maker Maison Berger Paris said it has acquired Bescent, the startup that makes the Sensorwake olfactory alarm clock.

The acquisition is a big deal for 22-year-old Guillaume Rolland, who won a Google science fair for the invention in 2014, back when he was 17 years old. He created a company in Nantes, France to turn the product into a multi-sensory alarm clock that, among other things, can wake you up with smells.

“Maison Berger Paris and Sensorwake are two French brands that operate on the home fragrance market and share the same priority: to offer a product range with healthy diffusion methods,” said Olivier Sillion, CEO of Maison Berger Paris, in a statement. “This shared identity is the substance of this alliance between a renowned, century-old French company and an innovative, digital native French Tech startup. The objective is to enhance our range of products on the indoor fragrance market by combining our complementary areas of expertise.”

Normandy-based Maison Berger Paris has a 120-year history and a reach of 7,000 stores. It currently offers more than 60 fragrances, with an annual revenue of more than $56 million. Argos Wityu acquire a stake in the company in 2017.

Above: Sensorwake is a clock that awakens you with smells.

Image Credit: Bescent

The company’s perfume is diffused via catalytic lamps, candles, bouquets, and car diffusers. Maison Berger Paris said more than 5 million liters of its perfume were diffused in its lamps last year.

“Sensorwake employees and I are delighted to join a group known all over the world for its technologies and which asserts the values of quality, sophistication, and excellence,” said Rolland in a statement. “It will provide us with the means to achieve our ambitions — in other words, to accelerate perfume innovations and make them accessible all over the world.”

SensorWake works like an espresso machine, using a dry-diffusion technology to diffuse the scents. The entirely recyclable scent cartridges are filled with treated polymer beads and use no volatile particles or solvents, making the diffused scents concentrated enough to wake a sleepy user.

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