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Video:”I was just Delivering it” – Man Received Death Penalty For Carrying Two “iPhone Boxes” | KBC Public Message

Two iPhone boxes full of drugs was removed from a man at holding at Dubai Airport

At Dubai Airport a passenger was caught carrying two packed brand new iPhones which his friend gave him to give it to his family. He told the custom officers that he was only helping a friend to deliver to his friends family.

Drugs have been transported in a number of ways among other things such as a the famous Zanco phone which has been used to be smuggled into prisons via the anus as well as wrapped up balls of cocaine and cannabis.

He was trailed and was given the Death Penalty. Never ever “help” anyone to carry any unsealed or even sealed items at all. Even for family/friends!!

In a statement, the culprit said that he was carrying these iPhones on a friend’s request to hand over to someone. Further, he said that he had no idea that inside it holds cocaine and he was not carrying any iPhone but drugs inside them. In many countries, the intensity of punishment depends upon the amount of drugs being transported but in many others, the punishment does not depend upon the amount and just a little amount of drugs in your bag can lead you to life imprisonment.

With this guy, he got bad luck and fell into the trap, after investigation and many legal processes he got the death penalty. With cases like these where a cross-country fellow gets such a huge punishment it usually very difficult to get away with it and win the case. Double checking your luggage and other stuff is very important because you can’t trust anyone and anything. You never know what might lead you to trouble.


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