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Birmingham: Community Protest was held on Friday afternoon outside Anderton Park School two hours after school was closed for  half term by JUSTICE FOR OUR CHILDREN’S who delayed the protest to avoid major disruption to children’s education as organisers were expecting huge community turnout which almost closed Dennis Road with concerned parents from all communities with different religious backgrounds, the peaceful protest lasted over two hours without any incidents as confirmed by the local police who were in presence.

Speakers at the protest stipulated that this protest is not against the LGBT community but is against the head teacher of Anderton Primary School who refused to hold parents collective consultations with the parents to agree appropriate age the LGBT material that should be taught to children’s but she is operating the school as dictator with small army of her foot soldiers from LGBT community and few die hard City Labour Councilors including one Labour party member of Parliament who are treating the school as battle ground against parents by barricading herself from parents whose only desire is to know about teaching of their children’s.

It is confirmed from some parents that head teacher is using intimidating methods to silence parents, those who question her in public are issued with ban from school preventing parents entering the school to collect their children’s, even partner one of the teacher tried to disrupt the protest seen using bad language.

Parent who is banned from school stated that her four year old had been dragged away from her by his arm by teacher last week; another mother said her son had been told by teacher that he could change his sex by “going to the hospital and having an operation”

Parent’s representative Shakeel Afsar said that I cannot understand the head teacher who keep stipulating that it is only few parents involved in the protests, last Monday over 600 hundred children’s were kept home as part of protest and protest on Friday was attended by well over 450 people as confirmed by the authorities, he said the protest was last option left to parents after parents letters were ignored by Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson and what made it worse was that on fifth day of protest rather than calming the issue and start mediation the head teacher invites LGBT community leaders and activists into the school but refuse to talk to parents collectively.

He further stated that Anderton Park Primary School accepted mediation offered by Mr Nazir Afzal ex CPS prosecutor, and we stopped the protests but the school and mediators completely ignored the parents without any response giving parents no choice but to restart protest, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson the head teacher need to accept that she has failed her attempt to intimidate parents through various methods and it is time she engage in the dialogue with parents representatives to end the continued protest and hold collective consultation  with parents, he further stated that protest will intensify in coming weeks unless amicable solution is found and head teacher need to drop her ego and rebuild the trust with parents, we have over 85% parents signed for her removal which we held back for a while giving her opportunity to reconsider her position.

Last week leading Birmingham Member of parliament Roger Godsiff  MP stated in his public statement that LGBT material is not age appropriate and said parents should have been consulted on continued basis to maintain trust.

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