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Protesters demanding the removal of head teacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson

Birmingham:  Parents were forced to stage the demonstration outside Anderton Park Primary School in Moseley after head teacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson refused to withdraw NO OUTSIDERS PROGRAMME being taught without consultation with parents who feel children’s are too young to push the programme which is not compulsory.

Spokesman for Justice for our Children Mr Shakeel Afsar stated that they have tried their best to hold collective consultations with head teacher who refused to hold the meeting on the grounds of law and order situation and further stated that head teacher have been conveyed through hundreds of letter from parents reminding her of the human rights act 1998 which clearly stated “The State must respect the rights of parents religious and philosophical convictions in respect of education and teaching”.

Shakeel Afsar stated that the protest was held from 3.15pm till 3.45pm and will continue every day until the programme is withdrawn, and demanded the removal of the head teacher for her bullying tactics, she even called the police today on peaceful demonstrators and they arrived soon after the protest finished, Mr Afsar spoke to the officer and explained the nature of the protest and police officers who came in two cars confirmed they have no issue and were informed the protest will continue every day from 3.15pm till 3.45pm peacefully until she withdraws the programme and have collective consultation with parents or she is removed as head teacher

Another parent who wanted to remain anonymous due to Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson intimidated method of dividing the parents by giving different explanations to each parents and impressing upon them that it is compulsory to teach children the programme, she is creating fear that if we protest and we would be arrested and our children would be expelled from the school, but police assured us that it is our right to hold peaceful protest within the law of the land and I will be encouraging other parents  not to be frighten by her intimidation, KBC News tried to contact the  head teacher without any success to hear her side of the issue.


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  1. We parents were not forced ,we had no alternative but to stand up and protect our kids .while mrs Clarkson is under cover teaching the children LGBT and she is denying any act.
    mass parents approached her to discuss the matter, but mrs Clarkson’s mask has fallen off and needs to be reported as not fit to teach our kids .she has denied e everything .
    mrs Clarkson you need to accountable for your lies.

      1. I am Parent and have a child who is attending Anderton park school
        what makes you think i don’t have a child attending the school???
        And I’m not only standing for my child .I’m standing for every child of the Nation.

  2. “Forced” by the despicable content the teacher is trying to FORCE onto our community’s and FORCED by the attempt to snatch away our children’s innocence.

  3. To whomever this may concern.

    I can no longer sit back and say nothing when my young daughter asks her dad why he married mummy and not a man so she can have two dads. So why did this bother me so much? After giving it some thought and speaking to my daughter, I came to realise that not only are young children being taught about homosexuality but its actually being promoted as a way of life. I have friends who are homosexual and I have friends who are straight and never in my life have i discriminated against anyone, be it on the grounds of religion, colour or sexual orientation. My faith teaches me to respect all humankind as we are all creations of God. A homosexual is a human first despite of his or her sexual orientation and that’s exactly what I teach my children and they are crystal clear on that. My argument on this point is, why not teach children that we are all different in our own ways on the grounds of religion, colour, creed and sexual orientation. We must respect everyone as a human first and foremost and not pass judgement or discriminate on any grounds. After speaking to my daughter, it’s evident to me that this is not being taught but the terms that the teacher used were more so in line with promoting homosexuality as a way of life. In my informed opinion, this is inappropriate for a young and easily influenced age range.

    I have kept myself up to date over many years in regards to the increased rights the LGBT community have gained over the years and I absolutely have no problem with any of it. It is their human right to choose to live however they wish and are comfortable with. Please note the further point I am making here. It is also my human right to adhere to the life choices I make in accordance with the faith I practice as do my children. The difference is that I am informed enough to make a choice as to what I want to read up on or want to be taught. My daughter is too young to make that informed choice not to mention vulnerable to whatever selected information is thrown at her in the 6hours shes within the school gates. What about her human rights? I am her parent and until she’s old enough to make her own informed choice, I reserve the total right of protecting her from what i deem inappropriate for her age. I will never teach her to hate. No religion teaches that on any ground.

    The Human rights act 1998 clearly states “The State must respect the rights of parents religious and philosophical convictions in respect of education and teaching”.

    Where is the respct for my religious and philosophical beliefs?

    I am hoping we remove these teachings from the primary school age syllabus and focus more on subjects which are going to give them the tools to do well in life. LGBT is a fact and our children will come to learn about it and respect it. I believe Anderton Park School and others of the sort have lost faith that parents and community as a whole are incapable of teaching OUR own children to RESPECT….when they seem appropriate.

    Think again.

  4. As an openly gay resident of Dennis road I find your protests threatening and hateful. Afraid to leave my house back off please. Believe whatever you like…beliefs are private. Keep your “Indoctrination”for home, family and community you’re doing a good enough job lol.
    Btw I’m atheist not islamophobic.

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