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School governor inciting fear was removed from demonstration by Police

Birmingham:  Protests outside Anderton Park Primary School ran into thirds day with even more parents joining the protest, it has been witness each day more and more people are joining the protest, some were complaining that they were misled by school teachers and others that these protesters will be arrested and their children’s taken out of school, parents are beginning to understand the issue and feel protesters are doing good work to highlight the truth.  One of the school governors was seen to join the protester and later it emerged from the organisers that she was inciting fear and discouraging parents not to take part and telling them they and their children’s will get into serious trouble and she was removed by the police after complain by organisers of intimidating protesters.

Khadija Kubra one of the organiser said most of our ladies who bring children’s to school lack the understanding of Equality being promoted at the school, is this equality to teach boy at this age OK to be a girl or girl OK to be boy, she is just bent backward to have her way, parents resorted to protest only after she refused to meet us as a group what is she hiding because she is telling to each parents differently, we have evidence that she is implementing her program on  our children’s, we are for Equality and respect every gender but we will not allow her playing with words, she is famous for her false flags in the past and she is using word as Muslims issue, this not just Muslim but universal issue for the children’s of the nation and I have initially told her that, she is using politics to divide and rule and she will not be allowed to get away by using threatening letters.

A parent who wanted to stay anonymous said that his son told him that teachers were saying parents outside protesting are wrong and they will get into trouble and they will be banned from school for holding protest and further stated the mood among teachers is very intimidating, I fear they will expelled my child from school because I feel we are doing right protesting so head teacher listen to parents.

Mr Ali added that I was taken on the side by head teacher on Monday to be told not to join the protesters or I will be arrested by the police I was so scared that I went home using other entrance of the school, some more teachers were telling other parents same story as me, but later I learnt from my sister in law that she was lying so parents don’t join the protest, me and my wife took part in the protest and police officer were there with smile and they told me it is our legal right to peaceful protest I can say head teacher is blackmailing parents under different pretext and she should be fair, I understand from organisers that they only asked for group meeting with her to agree through consultation as what she is teaching our children she must be open and transparent.

Rosina Afsar stated that we only wanted a group meeting with head teacher to hear from her with all parents present to agree what she was teaching under pretext of Equality as we learnt from different parents with different version, we don’t have anything personal against her our children’s come first and we have right to know, she and other teachers should remain professionals and should not take the protest personally parents feel intimidated, parents do not have desire to hold protest  but were forced after head teacher refused, we can end the protest  if Mrs Clarkson agree to hold parents consultation and be transparent what she will be teaching our children’s, she cannot send threatening letters to ban me and others from school  on allegations of harassing other parents she will have to substantiate her  proof of her allegations, at no time did any protesting parents harassed anyone, it is Mrs Clarkson who is  intimidating us, every day parents are increasing on our protests and police have been there too, how come they did not see us harassing others, she is just taking it personally and this is not being professional.

Protesters continue chanting slogans “Let Kids Be Kids”   “Our Children Our Choice”  “Head teacher Step Down”  “Listen to Parents”   “We Trusted You Lied”  “We Know our Rights

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