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Birmingham: Protest outside a school in Balsall Heath ran into it’s sixth day of protesting. Parents of students who attend the school, Anderton Park Primary are seen gathered in a crowd outside the school gates. A reporter states that each day the crowd is getting bigger as more and more parents are becoming aware of the issue. Which is between the school’s head teacher and the student’s parent’s.

“Parents were asking for a collective meeting with the head teacher as to what was being taught at the school” said the organiser, he further went on to say “The protests are not directed at the LGBT community in any shape or form and that we are being wrongly portrayed as homophobic, which we are not. We resorted to protest after weeks and weeks of asking the head teacher for a collective meeting with the parents, but Instead meet with parents individually and gave them different version to each parent, she is using these intimidation methods to silence the parents concerns”.

A member of  the LGBT community living nearby the school, who wished to remain anonymous was deeply concerned of the media reports and felt unsafe in his own home and wanted the protest to be stopped. He was then told that the protesters are not against the  LGBT Community, but against  the head teacher who refusing to meet with parents.

He was  asked about his view’s about the right’s of parents over their children and he agreed, that at this current age it is inappropriate to be taught about relationship’s in a primary school. He further stated that “In defiance of the protests we have displayed LGBT flags outside our house as well as three other households whom of which are support of the LGBT Community”.

Further along in the afternoon, protester’s were heard chanting such slogan’s as; “WE ARE NOT HOMOPHOBIC” and “WE ARE NOT AGAINST THE LGBT COMMUNITY”. The organiser then went on to say “Our issue is with the head teacher who is refusing to meet with parents collectively. She needs to clearly tell us what she is teaching our children as we as parents have the right to know”.

David along with other members of the LGBT community attended the education conference organised by Birmingham Parents Community Group to debate the STOP NO OUTSIDERS IN SCHOOLS programme. David who is a member of the LGBT Community  stated that “it is far too early to teach children about relationship’s”.

Another member who wished to remain anonymous said that “We came here to express why the LGBT community is being targeted. We feel campaigners are being homophobic towards us, but After listening to Amir Ahmed chairman of Alum Rock Parents Community Group in detail, we feel very safe to be sitting in this conference and feel the we should have more interaction to understand one another, but children should not be taught RSE at such a young age.

Shakeel Afsar organiser of the Justice For Our Children group, clarified that the protest’s are not against the LGBT community and that those who are protesting are not Homophobic, but what he also said was that “The protests are directed at the head teacher who has refused to collectively meet with the parents and still hasn’t explained what they are teaching. In reality the head teacher is misleading parent’s and the media, even a partner of teacher within the establishment stood in the protest making racist remarks which almost resulted in a law and order situation, who was then removed from the protest by the police”.






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  1. Very well said …. we are not against lgbt community…. we are not homophobic….. jst like thy have there. Rite to choose what they want to be …we have our rite for our children. Simply why do t let kids be kids why are the schools confusing innocent minds

  2. I am stunned to learn that government is introducing sex education at this early stage
    Kids are kids let them be don’t take their innocence away they are confused as it is with the what’s going on around them why burden their little minds with some thing like this

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