TV Player has been temporally taken offline since January 1st 2019

Due to lots of changes and discussions which are taking place to help further grow KBC, we are currently in talks with regards to the channel officially launching on sky/freeview. We are currently broadcasting online. To watch our current programs please visit the main KBC homepage and under “KBC CHANNEL TV” there will be a live player, this player outputs video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This current way of streaming allows you watch from anywhere in the world via a internet or data connection and also means you can watch on your handheld smartphone devices.



This page should soon hopefully display more important information and notices such as, weekly TV Guide Information or more information on the channel opening via satellite and other information such as major events and so fourth.

The team at KBC appreciate your patience and support and would like you to join us on this beautiful journey that we once again shall embark on, to uncover the truth and to provide worldwide entertainment for all.


Thank You This is KBC, Making The Invisible, Visible.

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