Why Shenae Grimes Beech “Hates” the Title She Picked For Unborn Son

“I was SO sure with Bowie and I want to feel the same about this little one’s name. He deserves that kind of confidence. And a great f–king name, like his big sis,” she said. 

Shenae gave a bit more insight into why Bowie’s name came so naturally to the parents early on in her pregnancy, saying, “We spent two days casually throwing out male rockstar’s names, because we knew that was the vibe we were going for and as soon as Bowie popped out of one of our mouths, that was it.”

She went on, “David Bowie is an absolute legend and icon and I could think of no greater gift to give our unborn child than his name. Done and dusted. We genuinely never thought about it again. Never questioned it for one second. From the minute we said it and our faces lit up, we knew that it felt right. That was her name.” 

Apparently, it all worked out and the name completely suits her, according to her mom. “Now, at two and a half, with her little personality in full swing, I cannot imagine a world where that child could be called anything but Bowie. She is SUCH a Bowie,” Shenae gushed.

So, will baby No. 2 be a little Prince? Or perhaps an Elvis? Only time will tell. 

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