My Best possible Guidelines for Hitting Reset This Spring

Ah, spring. A time for new beginnings, fresh blooms, and lots and lots of cleaning. While there’s nothing like a tidy cabinet to boost the spirits, sometimes the last thing you want to do is reach for a cleaning product—especially when you’ve spent the last year doing it (hi, quarantine!).

In honor of the new season, and as a nod to our April theme, I’m rounding up a few ways to revive your well-being that have nothing to do with cleaning. From simple daily tasks to time investments that make all difference, trust me when I say these are some of the best ways to hit “reset” this spring.

Subscribe to an empowering podcast  

I usually love listening to a murder mystery or thriller, but after 2020, I was craving something light and motivating. This podcast is a current favorite, while this list offers some good suggestions as well.

Buy a new journal

There’s nothing like some blank, crisp pages to motivate you to start journaling. Opt for a daily one—like this fan favorite—and get ready to begin writing your heart out.

Make a feel-good playlist

Soundtrack your day with a roundup of happy beats that’ll get your toes tapping. Don’t want to make your own? Follow this fabulous pre-curated playlist.

Sign up for a new activity

Step out of your comfort zone and gain some new perspective by enrolling in a new-to-you hobby like a running club, improv group, or pottery class (even if it’s virtual). (Bonus! You may even meet a new friend while you’re at it.)

Take a MasterClass

Educate yourself on an entirely new topic by taking a (socially distant!) MasterClass. I’ve been eyeing this Writing with Malcolm Gladwell class and this Style with Tan France class. Join me!

Add a daily walk to your work calendar

Make time for this natural endorphin-boosting activity by adding it to your work calendar. It’s a great no-excuses way to get you moving and to get those creative juices flowing!

Update your phone background with something that makes you happy

Rumor has it we look at our phones around 96 times a day. Make each glance a more welcome one by adding a favorite family or pet photo. I also love any of these cheery pre-made backgrounds.

Put fresh flowers in your most-used space

*Cue the most wonderful aromas every time you walk by.*

Invest in a capsule wardrobe

Embrace the less-is-more approach when it comes to your wardrobe. Use this inspo as a starting point to simplify your style and save you time getting ready in the morning.

Rehab your sleep routine

Better rest = better you! Follow these 8 tips for sleeping better to start logging your best Zzzs yet.

Splurge on a new skin-care product

Boost your skin-care routine up a level by investing in a product that’ll give you a burst of confidence each time you slather it on. A few products at the top of the list? This raved-about serum or this radiance oil, as mentioned by W&D’s founder. For personalized input, check with an esthetician or dermatologist to learn what will work best for your skin.

Find a new go-to recipe

Fall (back) in love with cooking by mastering a new recipe to lean on in the months ahead. Not an expert in the kitchen? No worries! Here are some low-maintenance recipes to get you started.

Add lemon tea to your routine

Consider sipping your way into a feel-good state by beginning your day with a warm mug of water with a lemon slice or lemon tea. This comforting drink is rich in vitamin C.

Discover your signature scent

From a much-loved perfume to a candle that gives you all the *feels,* find a scent that sparks joy and use it on repeat in the months ahead.

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