The Strolling Useless Preview: Daryl & Carol Go away for an Journey

A Carol-Daryl adventure.

This is teased in an exclusive clip ahead of Sunday, March 7’s all-new The Walking Dead. As seen in the new footage below, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is gearing up for a provisions mission. However, his motorcycle is giving him problems, giving Carol (Melissa McBride) enough time to catch up to him.

“Did I ever tell you about the pedal sewing machine my grandmother had? She made all my clothes,” Carol notes as Daryl tries to kickstart his motorcycle. “Whenever she got tired, she’d have me help. Said it was ’cause I had a really special, strong right foot.”

Refusing to accept help, Daryl informs Carol that he’s “got it.” While still struggling to start the bike, Daryl reveals his mission. “There’s a fallen tree about a hundred yards out,” he says. “We could use the scraps to maybe patch out the wall.”

As Carol reveals that she’s done with her tasks for the day, it’s clear that she wants to join Daryl on his adventure. She hints, “Jerry’s spearheading the rest. You know, he’s taking charge a lot more lately. I like it.”

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