Fall in Pet Love With the Latest Member of Kylie Jenner’s Circle of relatives

Congratulations are in order for Kylie Jenner, who just became a (dog) mom—again! 

On Monday, Feb. 22, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Instagram to introduce the newest addition to her ever-growing family. Fans met Kevin, an absolutely adorable grey and white pooch who Kylie aptly referred to as her “son.”

“Kev, you are so cute! Kevin! He’s just looking at my slippers,” she raved on her Instagram Story. In another video shared to social media, the pup is seen cuddling on Kylie’s lap. 

And little does Kevin know, but he just lucked into an especially pampered lifestyle. Those who’ve kept up with Kylie through the years know she takes her responsibilities as a pet owner very seriously, and goes to great lengths to ensure her dogs are always living their best lives. 

Case in point? In 2018, Kylie built a luxury doghouse for her menagerie, complete with air conditioning and a heating system. 

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