Tayshia Adams Reacts to Chris Harrison’s Brief Go out

Tayshia Adams is sharing what she really thinks of Chris Harrison “stepping aside” from The Bachelor.

The former Bachelorette gave her take during the Feb. 18 episode of her podcast Click Bait

Looking back at the apology Harrison posted to Instagram last week, Adams said there were a “few things that stuck out.”

“It hit my heart a little bit more to know that he, like, actually meant what he was saying,” she said. The season 16 star then referenced the part where Harrison wrote, “By excusing historical racism, I defended it,” which Adams said “is the absolute truth.”  

“The fact that he called that out and owned up to that and he acknowledges that,” she said, “means a lot to me.”

The reality star also commended Harrison’s remark about his “commitment to much greater understanding” that he “will actively make every day.”

“It isn’t just a moment,” Adams continued. “Just like how Black Lives Matter isn’t just a trending topic on Instagram. It’s a thing that’s taking place every single day that we should actively try to partake in and better.”

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