Eiza Gonzalez Needs to “Problem” Ideals in I Care a Lot

It’s been said before but it bears repeating: Eiza Gonzàlez is more than just a pretty face.

More often than not, however, Eiza says she’s underestimated because of her background and appearance “all the time.”

She tells E! News in an exclusive interview, “I think that I experience that as a woman; I think I experience that as a Latin woman; I think that I experience that as an immigrant woman.”

And while Eiza certainly doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone, she hopes to challenge misconceptions about gender in the Netflix film I Care a Lot.

In the movie, written and directed by J Blakeson, Eiza and Rosamund Pike portray Fran and Marla Grayson, respectively, who get rich by preying on the elderly. Though their scheme is highly unethical, it’s not actually illegal and the women get away with it.

Even so, the men in the film aren’t too happy when Marla and Fran outwit them, and throw out insults related to their gender.

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