Those Glam and Gutsy Model Week Appears to be like Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The show must go on!

Fashion is one of the few things that can transport you to another world with something as simple as a piece of fabric or pint-sized embellishment. And in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we could all use a little escapism.

Because while we might be living in an era where sweatpants and pajama sets reign supreme, that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking forward to one day wearing glamourous and over-the-top designs.

If anything, we’re almost repeating history. Following the Spanish flu in 1918, people tossed out their veiled masks and indulged in audacious clothing, like diamond-beaded flapper dresses, flirty fringe creations and other glitzy numbers. 

From the looks of New York Fashion Week’s presentations, it appears that we’re once again entering the Roaring Twenties. This time, with even more daring and electrifying pieces.

But before you plunge into the latest collections, take a walk down (fashion) memory lane.

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