Sony’s thought automotive is being examined on public roads, simply 12 months after expose

Almost 12 months ago to the day at CES, Sony made a surprise unveiling of a concept car. Yes, a Sony car. With testing now underway, it’s more than just a concept wheeled out to make some noise a trade show.

According to recent reports, Sony is now testing its S-Vision concept car on public roads. At Sony‘s CES 2021 keynote the company said it began testing last month, by taking the car on a trip through Austria.

The video doesn’t give too much away, however, it’s clear that the car features a host of modern features, as there are visible sensors on the front and rear bumpers. The Vision-S also has rear facing cameras instead of wing mirrors, kind of like the Honda-E.

When the concept was announced, Sony said the car would have 33 sensors, including CMOS, ToF (Time of Flight), and LiDAR. All of these would work together to support a host of Level 2 driver aids. That number has been bumped to 40, Electrek reports, but it’s not clear what those extra sensors will be used for or why they’ve been added.

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