10 Issues You Did not Know About Freddie Prinze Jr.

4. I was a pretty, pretty good kid. I didn’t get in a ton of trouble. So, here’s something I didn’t do. Check this out, sixth grade, San Diego Prep. I got kicked out of the school, but I didn’t do anything. I was in study hall, 12 years old. There’s only three of us in this classroom, no teacher, and one of the kids starts knocking on the classroom next to us, on the wall. Whatever kid was sitting there starts knocking back as the little immature game that happens, right? So the teacher in that classroom, her name was Nancy Butts. And she hated me, just because, for whatever the reasons were. I hear this door slam. And she slams open our door, and she comes right to me—and I’m sitting furthest away from the wall that would get knocked on—and she puts both hands on my desk and slams it and she cusses. She says “Why are you such a—” I won’t say the word. And I’m looking at this lady like, oh, she has never met my mother, and when I tell my mother, it is going down.

So sure enough, I get sent to the principal for a call, and I know I didn’t do anything. And I know the kid’s gonna fess up because when I see him on the playground, that’s his you-know-what if he doesn’t. So, they call my mom. My mom comes in, I tell my mom, “I didn’t do this Mom.” I promised. They take me home for the day. She’s not believing me until later in the day when the kid admits it, and his mom calls my mom. Because I knew the kid, Ray Garcia. We used to WWE wrestle each other back in the day. So I go to school the next day, and it’s about an hour in. And all of a sudden the door to my class and Mrs. Butts’ class…swings open and it’s my mom in a mink coat, high heels, a cigarette in her mouth. She walked up to Mrs. Butts and says “What did you do to my son?” My head hit the desk. I’m so embarrassed and afraid and ashamed, and yet, just feeling good because my mom always has my back. But super scared. She goes, “Get up and come outside before I drag you out there.” And this lady went ghost. Ghost. Oh, my mom read her the riot act. [Mrs. Butts] comes back in shaking. My mom comes in and goes, “Freddie, come on. We’re going to Uncle Cliff’s,” which was the local amusement park in New Mexico. She took me to ride rollercoasters.

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