Rockefeller Christmas Tree In spite of everything Will get the Glow Up It Merits

2020 has been a disappointing year to say the least. So much so, the excitement for Christmas—or more accurately, the end of the year—was palpable. 

However, people’s excitement was noticeably dampened when they saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree arrive from Oneonta, New York on Nov. 14. The Norway spruce, which is supposed to embody the spirit of the holiday, looked better suited for a Nightmare Before Christmas.

As one Instagram user put it, “This tree looks like 2020.” Another person was more kind and described the tree as simply being “skimpy,” a far nicer way to say that it looked like the houseplants we all stress bought this spring. 

And seeing as the tree took an estimated 80 years to grow to its 75 foot height, there was little hope that it would become fuller overnight. 

Yet, the team at the Rockefeller Center managed to pull it off, and frankly, this tree had a major glow-up with the help of some super glue and Swarovski crystals. 

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