Does Proof Nuker Truly Nuke Your PC’s Proof?

Do you know when you delete things on your computer they are not really being deleted at all in most cases? Are you aware that your computer is also a recording device? Almost every action you do on your computer, from surfing the web to chatting to somebody online, is been recorded and that stored information can easily be retrieved by anyone, without any specialized knowledge, like your spouse or boss.

For example, web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox can save every image and every website you open. Windows might save every login name and password you type. Media players often keep records of every movie and video clip you watch. However, using evidence eliminating software and following some simple tips can help you maintain your privacy, online and off. Evidence eliminating programs will keep your personal information safe through a number of methods, starting with the most vulnerable areas, those that deal with the Internet. It will erase information that is collected on your computer as you surf the web. This information may include a history of the websites you have visited, passwords and user IDs you use to access various accounts over the web, cookies that websites deposit on your computer, harmful spyware and adware and maybe most important, credit card numbers and other financial information.

One of the most popular evidence eliminating software is Evidence Nuker, which will get rid of any and all evidence of your past computer habits and allow you to maybe get some sleep at night! It detects and remove details of your computer activity that can be used to view websites you have visited, documents you have opened, videos you have watched, files you have deleted, and much more. Evidence Nuker will scan your computer and allow you to see exactly what activity has been stored on your hard drive and then provides you with the ability to securely delete these traces. Evidence Nuker does not offer a user defined number of passes as other privacy software does, but 4 levels of shredding and 35 passes should be enough security for almost any user.

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