Retta’s Collaboration with Eloquii Is the Final Wintry weather Outfit

Besides creating the ultimate winter look, Retta has been keeping busy during quarantine!

“I started learning Italian but abandoned it,” the critically-acclaimed comedian shared with us. “The news shot my anxiety through the roof so I had to turn to a meditation app. BUT I booked my first commercial voiceover, recorded a podcast about the suffrage movement called And Nothing Less and got to design an outfit for Eloquii so it wasn’t all bad.”

And for those who are still trying to move past the loungewear part of quarantine, Retta can relate.

“I gotta tell ya, when quarantine started I was of the school of thought that if ya ain’t goin’ nowhere, who caaaaares?,” The Parks and Rec star explained. “But eventually I found that getting dressed like an adult does made me feel that at least I did ONE thing that day. It was grim but I turned it around.”

Take Retta’s advice and go get her dreamy collaboration with Eloquii! But you’re going to want to hurry because once her items sell out, they’re gone forever! Check out her three-piece collection below.

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