All Hell Is Breaking Unfastened in a New Bachelorette Promo

Last night on The Bachelorette, we learned that the way to make men mad was to add more men. Next week, we get to add “get their shirt size wrong” to the list. 

In a new promo exclusive to E! News, things are getting heated among the boys competing for Tayshia Adams‘ heart. While one date appears to involve some nice pleasant cooking and hanging out in a bed, another obviously involves wrestling. Medics are called, one guy spits in another guy’s face, one guy’s hopping the fence, and yet another guy is trying to break some tension. 

“I’m not taking any more, dude,” a guy says to him. 

“Well take your medium shirt and sit down,” he responds, but that was a mistake. 

“It’s actually a large,” says first guy.

We really thought we had learned to put some names to some faces after last night’s episode but turns out we were wrong. Maybe next week! 

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