LG 42LD490

LG recently came up with the LD490, a line of HD ready LCD televisions. It’s comprised of models with 32-inch, 37-inch and 42-inch display panel sizes. The one with the largest screen size is known as the LG 42LD490. This gem is packed with many different innovations that can extend your home entertainment options.

The LG 42LD490 unit’s massive display panel is capable of showcasing images with resolutions of 1920 x 1080. The 50Hz screen refresh rate it has may not be as fast as what rivals offer. But such is sufficient to reduce the existence of motion blurring and flickering. This feature can come in handy especially where there are fast-moving images involved. Such include sports broadcasts, action movies or video games.

Regardless of what you’re using this television for, there’s an appropriate screen setup for it, thanks to the screen aspect correction feature. Optimizing the display are settings such as 4:3, 14:9, 16:9, full wide, cinema zoom and others. There are many LCD units out there that have problems with displaying bold colors and deep black levels. Fortunately, this LG offering includes an impressive contrast ratio of 6000000:1, which displays colors from dark to light appropriately.

Now you don’t have to get stuck in a traffic jam or fall in line for minutes at the ticket booth just to watch a movie in a cinema. That’s because of the 24p Real Cinema innovation incorporated into the 42LD490. It lets you have that unique cinema experience right in the comfort of your own home. To complete the setup, there are two built-in speakers with the Clear Voice and Infinite Sound solutions LG has thrown in.

But if you feel that these built-in speakers aren’t enough to complete that cinema experience at home, fret not. Connecting optional surround speakers is easy with the available HDMI support. And this LG 42LD490 unit has plenty of it, amounting to four. Such enables you to come up with your ideal home theater system hassle-free. You can simultaneously connect to the TV as much as four high-definition AV devices.

It’s also possible to enjoy tons of free-to-air programs and a variety of files found on the net. There’s an integrated Freeview HD digital tuner which picks up high-quality TV and radio broadcasts. If available in your region, you can access them absolutely free of charge. Then there’s also the NetCast technology which permits you to use the television to stream movies, browse photos and access many others which can be found in cyberspace.

Coming up with a home network of many different gadgets with this LG 42LD490 stunner is a breeze because it’s DLNA-enabled. Such permits you to share effortlessly multimedia files with gadgets, such as a laptop, mobile phone, etc. Still on multimedia files, this television also comes fitted with a USB 2.0 port which can work with USB-enabled devices. By plugging in your digital camera, camcorder or MP3 player, you can playback videos (DivX), photos (JPEG) or music (MP3).

The LG 42LD490 has so many other features, including UHF/VHF tuner, child lock, anti-dazzling, sleep timer and others. All of them are packed in its very slim profile, which makes mounting the unit on the wall trouble-free. With impressive imaging performance and inventive features, your impression of home entertainment can easily be changed.

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