US Election effects: Who’s profitable? State by means of state newest and Electoral School map

Americans are holding their breath as they continue to wait to find out whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be their next President.

The political foes are both declaring victory is in their grasp and that they will seize the crucial votes from the final few states where results have not been declared yet to get over the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes.

However it appears it may be a few days before those final results are known and accepted.

With Mr Biden being projected as the winner in Minchigan and Wisconsin, it puts him 34 votes ahead of Mr Trump and on course for victory if he can bring home Nevada.

The magic number that holds the key to the White House for Trump or Biden is 270 Electoral College votes and you can continue to track their progress below. 

And you can check the latest results in alphabetical order below.

 State Projected Winner Electoral College votes
 Alabama Trump 9
 Alaska  Result pending  3
 Arizona  Biden  11
 Arkansas   Trump  6
 California  Biden  55
 Colorado Biden  9
 Connecticut  Biden  7
 Delaware  Biden  3
 District of Columbia  Biden  3
 Florida Trump  29
 Georgia  Result pending  16
 Hawaii Biden  4
 Idaho  Trump  4
 Illinois  Biden  20
 Indiana  Trump  11
 Iowa  Trump  6
 Kansas Trump  6
 Kentucky  Trump  8
 Louisiana  Trump  8
 Maryland  Biden  10
 Maine*  Biden given 3 votes. 1 to Trump  4
 Massachusetts  Biden  11
 Michigan  Biden  16
 Minnesota  Biden  10
 Mississippi  Trump  6
 Missouri  Trump  10
 Montana  Trump  3
 Nebraska*  Trump 4 votes, Biden 1  5 
 Nevada  Result pending  6
 New Hampshire  Biden  4
 New Jersey  Biden  14
 New Mexico  Biden  5
 New York  Biden  29
 North Carolina  Result pending  15
 North Dakota  Trump  3
 Ohio  Trump  18
 Oklahoma  Trump  7
 Oregon  Biden  7
 Pennsylvania  Result pending  20
 Rhode Island  Biden  4
 South Carolina  Trump  9
 South Dakota  Trump  3
 Tennessee  Trump  11
 Texas  Trump  38
Utah  Trump  6
Vermont  Biden  3
Virginia  Biden  13
Washington  Biden  12
West Virginia  Trump  5
Wisconsin  Biden  10
Wyoming  Trump  3
Current totals
Joe Biden  248
Donald Trump  214
* Nebraska and Maine can split the votes between candidates

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