See The place the Forged of Laguna Seashore Is Now

Sixteen years after MTV cameras invaded Laguna Beach High School, the cast is once again coming clean. 

Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Stephen CollettiLo Bosworth, Morgan Smith, Christina SchullerTrey PhillipsTalan Torriero and Loren Polster reunited virtually on Oct. 23 for the first time since leaving the O.C. behind. The cast of Laguna Beach‘s trip down memory lane had all of us yearning for a simpler time when deciding between a Team L.C. or Team Kristin graphic tee from Hollister was our biggest concern. 

Describing the “coolest part” of their experience, Christina explained, “Reality TV was not really a thing before Laguna Beach. In retrospect, we all would have been very different had we been exposed to reality TV the way we have now. In a way, I feel like that’s what made Laguna Beach so iconic. We really went in with no expectations, having no idea what we were doing.”

And while each cast member has since forged their own path, Stephen admitted reality TV is not in their collective future. 

“We did enough to last a few lifetimes,” he remarked. 

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