Mafia Wars Untraceable Mobile Telephone – How one can Get Untraceable Mobile Telephone in Mafia Wars

Do you want to get untraceable cell phones in Mafia Wars? This loot item is very important because you need them to complete jobs such as Flip a Snitch in the Capo Tier, Ramsom a Business Man’s Kid in the Consigliere Tier, and Order a Hit in the Under Boss Tier. You will need more than 200 to complete these missions.

Here is how to obtain this rare loot item:

Get Untraceable Cell Phones By Robbing An Electronic Store

Since cell phones are loot items, this means that they drop at random. The most traditional method to get them is to complete the job, “Rob An Electronic Store” in the Enforcer tier. However, this item is only 1 of the 3 loot items that could be dropped at random. This means that you get a 33% chance of getting the desired object.

Increase Your Chance Of Getting Untraceable Cell Phones By Begging

Another way to increase your chances are to beg your friends. If you don’t mind this degrading approach, add these cell phone to your wishlist and then share it with your friends

Again this approach depends on luck as these phones are a rare commodity. Most player may hold onto this loot item, however if you are lucky they may just spare you one.

But how do you get untraceable cell phones without depending on chance?

Get Lots Of Untraceable Cell Phones Without Depending On Luck With The Dominate Mafia Wars Guide

If you want to get this loot item yourself, it will mainly depend on chance and luck. However, if you want to get loot without leaving things up to chance, it is highly recommended to use the Dominate Mafia Wars Guide.

This guide is made from the top secret strategies that all the Godfathers of Mafias Wars use to stockpile all the loot. Dominate Mafia Wars will teach you exactly how you can create a fool proof system that works time after time to get all the loot you ever wanted through step-by-step instructions and detailed screenshots.

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