A Whole Evaluate of My Laundry Stain-Combating Necessities

Here’s a fun fact: I will spill on myself at least once a day. Be it coffee, toothpaste, hot sauce, you name it; I’ve become a bit of an expert on various stain removal methods because of this.

With all this knowledge, one would think I’d look at a pile of laundry and laugh. Alas, no. The years of removing coffee from silk scarves or blood from cashmere have given me severe laundry fatigue. It didn’t help that the laundry soap we had been using contributed to our kids’ eczema.

It’s a genuinely never-ending task, especially with two little kids. The moment clothes are folded and put away, a new pile has sprung up as if by magic (or thanks to your toddler changing clothes for the umpteenth time). 

I had partly hoped that the problem was a space issue. I’ve operated our laundry routine out of tiny closets or shared spaces for years, hauling everything I needed to the basement or the laundromat. 

I’ve had success over the last few months organizing with products from OXO. My pantry was stocked and prepped this spring, and recently my bathroom drawers got a makeover with organizing tools from OXO. The new house has a dedicated laundry room, big enough to wash and fold (!!!), with plenty of storage space. The only thing missing? The right tools for the job.

I’m a visual person, and for systems to work, I need to see things readily, which is why I love using OXO POP storage containers in more places than my pantry. OXO’s POP containers work perfectly to hold all the ingredients for the new homemade detergent I’m now using (see recipe below). I can see at a glance when I’m starting to get low on supplies and can get ahead of the game by replacing them.

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