Gilgit Baltistan 5th Provincial status by Pakistan is Stab on the back of Kashmiris

Open Letter by Raja Habib Jalib to

Honourable Prime Minister Mr Imran Khan Sahib,

Dear Sir,

I am thankful to you for your speeches on international stage as you have represented the people of Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir as a true leader and you have openly asked for right if self-determination for the people of Jammu Kashmir and stressed their right and human rights violation in Indian held Kashmir.

As I remember you also expressed your desire for plebiscite according to U.N resolutions and you courageously attacked Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi for revoking 370 a special status for the State by annexing  of Ladakh to the direct control of Indian Union , Kashmiri peoples appreciated your courageous stand on Jammu Kashmir, but then you took complete U turn as you boycotted the Islamic Conference in Malaysia and defamed your own country and people of Jammu Kashmir, as lock dawn continued and cease fire line violation reached to almost 3395 times in the area of Azad Kashmir by Indian forces , you kept complete silence and now despite protests by all Kashmiris around the world , your government is still trying to give Gilgit Baltistan provincial status, which is Stab on the back of people of Jammu Kashmir as Pakistan called Modi Hitler due to his action against International law and U.N resolutions.

Sir, no change of Jammu Kashmir State can be acceptable by people of Jammu Kashmir and action by Pakistan will be a shocking about provincial status of any area of Jammu Kashmir by Pakistan will not be acceptable by people of Kashmir.

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Your excellency I’m requesting you not allow any kind of change in Jammu Kashmir area administered by Pakistan.

Pakistan must give full rights to people of Gilgit Baltistan Area and give them internal autonomy and give them funds for development, not the title and Pakistan must do the same thing and provide funds for Azad Kashmir and GB area and provide funds for international airports , railway link and highways and take a stand on Kashmir with international community to press India for dialogue between three parties to resolve the issue according to U.N resolutions .

From Raja Habib Jalib President Human Rights Wing Kashmir Solidarity Council
Raja Habib Jalib A letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan from Raja Habib Jalib President Human Rights Wing Kashmir solidarity Council (Chairman J& Kashmir Human Rights Council International Wing).

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