Throw Warning to the Wind, and Pencil in All Your Plans for Subsequent 12 months

Pencil in all your plans for next year with our 2021 Planner
Photo by Judith Marilyn

So…how’s it going?

Small talk is just the worst; pleasantries used to fill the space wherever there is silence. I recognize that small talk is an art, one that I have yet to master. But this year…this year, even the smallest of talks feels rife with meaning.

Are you looking forward to school? How’s the family? Any upcoming plans? These questions are usually met with nervous laughter, a “You’re serious?” face, or an outright “Yeah, no” response. Rightfully so.

2020 has been a year. Part of me is desperate to find the meaning and recognize the growth of this year. To find a silver lining in the shitstorm.

2020 was not the year anyone wanted.

Ok. So, let’s move forward. 2021 here we come.

New year, new you. Light at the end of the tunnel. All those positive mantras, right?!

While the future is never certain, I’ve now got the benefit of hindsight. This is why it was so hard to adjust to this “new normal” (since we are starting fresh in 2021, can we PLEASE retire this phrase?!) this spring; collectively, we had NO IDEA what was going on and how to move forward. We now benefit from 104 days (who’s counting!?) of new rules and social norms to plan accordingly.

2021 is going to be different. 2021 is going to be fun. 2021 is the year I make and keep plans. I’m going to attend that wedding (maybe virtually, but I’m still going to rent a fabulous dress). I’m going to take that trip (following local and state regulations, of course), and I’m going to plan that weekend with friends (outside and six feet away). I’m going to look forward to doing things again.

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So, make those plans. But maybe pencil them in.

Plans can change, but you still can look forward to them.

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