Your Monday Cheat Sheet: The entirety You Neglected On the Emmys—And Extra

Good morning sunshine! Are you still riding that Emmys wave? Savoring that small taste of awards season? Of normalcy? Yeah, us too. 

But before we get into the jaw-droppers, the winners, the losers, let’s go back to a moment last week that’s still racing through our minds. Picture this: You’re on Facebook, casually tuning in for the Fast Times at Ridgemont High virtual table read. Your expectations are low. Then, you hear this conversation between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt:

“Hit Pitt.”
“Hi Aniston.”
“How ya doing?”
“Good honey, how are you doing?”

That 10 second, flirty reunion sent us into overdrive and we’ve been overanalyzing ever since. But here’s the thing: Jen saw you freaking out on the Internet, saw you begging for answers, pleading for a reconciliation and she…took a literal fire extinguisher to any spark igniting in your brain. OK, OK, maybe we’re being a little too dramatic. 

But, she did take said literal fire extinguisher and put out a literal fire Jimmy Kimmel had started on stage at the Emmys. Why was there a fire, you ask? Well, because it’s 2020 and you can never over-sanitize.

As for the rest of the show? Surprisingly, there were no little fires everywhere. In fact, it basically went off without a hitch, much to our delight. Here’s what you need to know:

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