Breaking Up Easily – The Absolute best Techniques to Separate on Excellent Phrases

Are you having difficulties in your relationship and are on the verge of breaking up? This situation may become very tricky to deal with.

For couples who are not married, breaking up presents many of the same challenges. In this discussion, if you replace divorce with breakup and spouse with partner, it will work the same for you. Juliana and Clement (yes, the names have been changed to keep the identity private) were in a very close friendly relationship for a long span of 3 years. They knew a few things about each other.They started going out on dates and became very intimate with each other. Clement was a police constable and Juliana was a teacher. One year later, they decided to get married. A few months later Juliana became pregnant. A year later she got pregnant with her second daughter. Three years later they started having problems. Juliana accepted extra curriculum in school. She could not spend quality time with her family. clement then started finding interest in other people. After around six years of a rocky, marriage, Juliana decided to end the misery and call it quits. She invited Clement for coffee one evening and ended the relationship. The two of them are still the best of friends and enjoy spending quality time with each other and the children, occasionally.” Whether you are a married couple, or had lived together in a long-term committed relationship, breaking up is almost always painful.

Sometimes the way that you think is determination of your outcome. There’s more. I’m going to list some of the best ways to separate on good terms.

  1. Making your own decision. In most cases one spouse decides alone after taking time to think about it, get advice from friends or professionals, process emotions and make plans. Work with your spouse until you can both accept the fact that going your separate ways is inevitable, and you can both focus on moving forward. If you have decided on your own that you need to end the relationship with your spouse. You would want to encourage a sane resolution of divorce issues, Have a little pacience, be sensitive, but most of all, slow down. Give your spouse time to process the changes. Stay positive and as close to your spouse as possible.
  2. Be very practical. The way you announce the decision, or respond to it, will make a huge difference in the way things unwind. Always discuss how your feelings of the marriage with your spouse. This will help both parties to come to a resolved conclusion.
  3. Identify why you could benefit from the break. This will involve flagging up what’s gone wrong, so be sure to keep calm and avoid blame.
  4. Agree on a timeframe. You could be looking at anything from a weekend to a month or more. Basically, go with whatever feels right for you both.
  5. Establish rules of contact. During the break, some couples might find the occasional call to one another serves as a comfort. Others may find complete separation is the only way to handle the situation. Go with whatever works for you, but be sure to agree on it in advance.
  6. Commit to the time apart. If you’re tempted to view this break as an opportunity to enjoy a fling without strings, think about the consequences first. If anything, it risks complicating a sensitive situation, so if there’s hope for the relationship then agree to stay faithful for the duration.

These are the best way to break up, and will lead to the best result

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