Scorching Monogamy For An Even Warmer Marriage!

Monogamy is not loyalty. Monogamy is wanting the most amazing person of our entire lives.

Despite what naturalists and fundamental psychologists may say about man’s need to spread his seed, it is not true. Man’s eternal search for everlasting happiness does not comprise a demand to broadcast the fruit of his loins.

Yes we are sexual beings, but none of us are driven by sex. Gay or straight, transgender or bisexual, asexual or polyamorous, we all crave touch. We crave understanding. We crave honesty. We crave to be loved for who we really are.

Most say it is normal for us to have secret sexual desires for more than one lover; many would say one sexual partner must be maintained through strict and disciplined loyalty. But take a look at what really might matters – “You are the only one I want. You are the only one I need. You are the only one who intensifies my fantasies.” What more would make fireworks blast through our souls at any given time, any given day?

Fantasies play a huge role in all our minds. We fantasize about everything from money to sex to cars to touch to love to intimacy. But keep in mind, the particles making up the world around us are the same particles making up the fantasies consuming us. So which is real?

Here is a new concept, turning a common misconception on its head – Reality isn’t real. Reality… is far over-rated.

Fantasies are what is real. Reality really is the non-existence existing in our minds. Being so broke we can’t buy beans; having a gas bill 3 months past due on the verge of cut-off; receiving a letter in the mail explaining our house is going into foreclosure… is this real?

In contrast, is our behavior, outlook, and lover the reality which consumes us? Imagine, “Baby, we’ve got this. We’ve got each other. That’s all we need. I will take care of you. I will protect you. I will love you forever.”

Fantasies precede only what exists in the reality we realistically create. Our fantasies become our reality. And I’m not expressing the cliché, “We reap what we mentally sow.” I’m preaching true love. Movie love. The love we yearn for, hunger for, pine for, and beg for.

The families we create don’t make up a family unit. Kids don’t make a marriage. Kids don’t make a family. The family starts with the spouses. Reality can be expressed in what exists in our minds and hopes and actions rather than the tangibility of bills, children, houses, or cars.

So how do we find this true love?

Taking two to tango becomes quite mysterious if looked at in the proper perspective. Two people are indeed required to make a relationship work, but do we really want a relationship to merely work?

Grass isn’t greener on the other side. Grass isn’t even greener where we water it. Grass is greener where men follow their commission by God, the Universe, or the Universal Mystery of Life to lead our ladies into everlasting love. Men don’t need to water the grass where they lie. We need to be the mature beings brought to this earth to propose an endowment on our lovers with the gift of true love. Men are the leaders in the dance of life… women follow. Women want nothing more than to follow, despite how many women appear to want to lead the charge in changing this world. This is only because they have been failed by men. Hear it. Believe it. Own it.

Men, let us lead the way. Let us take our lovers’ fantasies and make them a reality through our feelings, words, actions, and service. We really do prefer fantasy over “reality”, and all fantasies start with our lovers. Take the fantasy and regard it as reality. Let us find our soulmates and turn our everyday monotony into a true monogamy requiring nothing less than explosive fireworks, not always going off, yet constantly ready to be lit.

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