“Burning of Flags” Self Styled Pakistani “Leaders” Campaign To Suppress Kashmiris in the UK

Kamran Pirzada self confessed instigator of causing disharmony of Kashmiri Protest.

Self Styled Pakistani “Leader” Kamran Pirzada traveled all the way from Manchester to Bradford with deliberate intention to instigate disharmony among Pakistanis and Kashmiri who otherwise enjoyed cordial understanding in past with peaceful protests by Kashmiris to register their protests, this particular protest led by Mahmood Kashmir of JKNIA to demand the release of Raja Tanveer Ahmed a British national who is detained by local administration on instructions of Islamabad since he removed Pakistani flag from Shaheed Maqbool Butt Square in Dadyal, Dist Mirpur, Jammu Kashmir.

Mr Ahmed stated that he approached the local administration to remove the Pakistani flag on the basis that under article 257 of Pakistan constitution stating Kashmiris have yet to decide under UN Resolution of 1948 and only Kashmiri flag should be flying at the square, he stated that administration assured him that they will remove the same after 14th August, but administration did not honored their commitment, leaving me no choice but to remove the flag respectfully held it against my chest without touching the ground and was on my way to hand it to the administration, while I was resting for few minutes all of sudden Dadyal SHO accompanied by a non Kashmiris grabbed the flag from me and threw it on the ground and dragged me to vehicle where they brutally punched and kicked me in the vehicle and the station.

Abid Zaman from JKLC stated that in my 30 years experience while attending protest at Indian or Pakistani High Commission,we never had any issue with Citizens of both Nations and protests have always been peaceful until the removal of article 370 by India on 5th August 2019 that we witnessed BJP & RSS sponsored anti protests in London leading to law and order situation and this year these few self styled Pakistani “leaders” are following the same path as of BJP & RSS to suppress the voice of Kashmiris, both claim Jammu Kashmir as their territory.

Mr Zaman further stated that Video massage of Kamran Pirzada and his like minded few shows their educational background who are lacking historical facts about Jammu Kashmir and it is norms for occupiers to accord all amenities under international law to occupied. Mr Pirzada should study Pakistani constitution particularly article 257 and moreover he should first of all stop his siblings burning Pakistani flags on the soil of Pakistan, he had no valid reason to travel to Bradford to target Kashmiris unless he was acting on instructions of BJP/RSS to cause disharmony, it is being suggested that he had intention to burn the flag and blame on Kashmiris and beneficiaries would be India stated Abid Zaman, he further provided following videos of leading Pakistani politicians who are against the division of Jammu Kashmir, Mr Pirzada and his like minded people need to study the international recognised facts instead of false syllabus of Pakistan about Jammu Kashmir as 5th province, he should also study UN Resolutions of 1948 stipulating demilitarisation and Unification of Jammu Kashmir, it is also been suggested that Mr Kamran Pirzada was employed in a company which had links within India, further investigation in background of Mr Kamran Pirzada will be publish later.

Tens of thousands Kashmiris in Indian occupied territory with Kashmiri flag demanding freedom on both sides of divide
Late Sardar Abdul Qayoum Prime Minister of Jammu Kashmir challenging the division
Pakistani Parliamentarian in Islamabad
Chairman of Kashmiri Committee Shehryar Khan Afridi challenged by a Kashmiri Journalist in muzzafarabad.
General Hamid Gul of Pakistan against the division of Jammu Kashmir

Dr Javed Iqbal son of late Allama Mohummad Iqbal and senior justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan supporting

Mehdi Hassan permanent British Journalist
leading Pakistani educationist

Pakistan flag thrown away from martyrs body in Indian Occupied Jammu Kashmir.

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