UPDATE: Pakistani Attacker Identified

It was learnt that instigator of Anti Kashmir protest was not Amin Jalal as stated in our report, but it is Kamran Pirzada who have confirmed in video of instigation, Mr Pirzada is also TV anchor and self styled so called defender of Pakistan, therefore KBC apologies for stating Mr Amin Jalal as the instigator of Anti Protest although he was present in the protest. full report of Mr Kamran Pirzada will be published soon.

Bradford: Protest was held today outside Pakistani Consulate in support of Raja Tanveer Ahmed who is detained by local administration for taking down Pakistani flag from Shaheed Maqbool Butt Square, Dadyal, protesters claimed Tanveer is being victimise by Pakistani authorities who see this act as challenge to Pakistan claim to the territory under Pakistani indirect control AJK (4000 Square mile) which forms part of liberated territory of 32,000 square mile the remaining 28,000 sq. Mile is directly controlled by Pakistan and remaining territory is under Indian occupation.

Protest leader Mahmood Kashmiri have stated that they had permission from local authority and all of sudden Pakistani supporters led  PTI leader Amin Jalal tried to attack us and police had to intervene, Mr Kashmiri maintain that they are against Indian and Pakistani force who must leave Jammu Kashmir as per UN Resolutions of 1948.

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