Hilary Swank Opens Up About Why She Put Her Hollywood Occupation On Cling

For Hilary, wellness is an important part of her daily routine. Even though that can vary day-to-day, she said it’s all about feeling comfortable enough to ask: “What do I need?”

“It can change daily. It can change hourly. But it’s the idea of honoring what it is that you need for yourself, and doing it,” she explained. 

Exercise is another way for the star to unplug and de-stress. Plus, she brought up the fact that fitness can be a safe space for women and girls, and an outlet for them to feel empowered.

“Sports were my babysitter—they were what I could do after school while my parents worked. It’s such a healthy place for girls to be. Women have notoriously been objectified and trivialized, and so, for me, sports were an important part of making up my identity and making sure my body was being used for a goal,” Hilary described. “Instead of working out to look a certain way, I work out because it makes me feel good.”

“It’s a stress relief. It helps me sleep better. I could not live without exercise. To me, it’s like the air that I breathe or the food that I eat,” she added.

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