Kate Bosworth and Her Blue Weigh down Co-Stars Dish On a Conceivable Sequel All through Digital Reunion

The stars of Blue Crush are missing the big swells of Oahu’s North Shore. 

Exactly 18 years after Kate BosworthMichelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake brought surf culture to the big screen, they’ve reunited to discuss the film’s impact on young women, the possibility of a sequel and the lifelong memories they made along the way. 

“For me,” Kate told her co-stars during their virtual catch-up, “Blue Crush is the one that everyone, and especially young girls, come up to me and say, ‘You inspired me to do this! You guys are all my heroes!’ It’s so incredible.” 

As a Hawaii native and lifelong competitive surfer, Sanoe was the only one of the trio who didn’t need extensive training out on the water. Not only did the women endure physically grueling sessions with personal trainers on set, they were asked to live together for the entirety of the shoot. “We were like family for three months,” Sanoe dished. “It was so great. One of my favorite life experiences.”

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