Issues Are Very Other in The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy season two is almost here, and if you’re not caught up, you better get caught up. 

The Netflix superhero drama was good fun last season, but season two kicks things up a notch as the entire family is thrown into the 1960s. But as Aidan Gallagher, who plays Five, explains in the video above, they don’t all just land in the 60s together. 

After the end of last season, when the world was about to end and Five whisked his adopted siblings away to save their lives, the whole family is strewn about in Dallas, randomly between 1960 and 1963 with no idea if anyone else is alive. Five arrives last, in 1963, just after the John F. Kennedy assassination and just as the world is about to end once again, giving him yet another apocalypse to go back to try and prevent, just like he had to do in season one. 

But things are different this time, and the series has improved in almost every way as a result. The early 60s were a particularly difficult time for anyone who wasn’t a straight white man with a normal human torso, which means all of the Umbrella Academy kids are truly some fish out of water here. That allows for deeper stories, higher stakes, and some incredibly cool visuals. Season one was good, but season two is a true joy. 

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