How You Can Use Social Media to Soar-Get started Your Inventive Profession

Use Social Media to Jump-Start Your Creative Career | Wit & Delight
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I want to help you turn your creative passion into a career you love!
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Are you excited about going to work today? I am. 

I haven’t always felt excited and energized about going to work—quite the contrary. I didn’t just have “Sunday Scaries” but also “Miserable Mondays,” “Terrible Tuesdays” (these still exist, BTW), and so on. There was a time when, upon waking, I’d sit in bed and debate whether or not I would call in sick (lack of PTO and an obligation to pay bills kept me from playing hooky).

So what changed? 

I stopped thinking about what I wanted to do. I started doing what I wanted to do.  

Nothing happened overnight. Or over a month or even a year. If anything, I worked more. After I put in hours at my “real” job, I’d head home and work on my “little hobby” that was W&D. Soon, I was clocking in almost as many hours on W&D as I was on my paying gig. 

All the work I was putting into writing, designing, and sharing my thoughts started to gain traction. People began to take notice on social media. Through all of my hard work (and a pinch of luck and the right timing), my community grew. And as my community grew, brands and businesses took notice. I had the confidence (and the emergency savings built up) to make running Wit & Delight my full-time job. 

I’ve never worked harder or dedicated more time to anything (except for my family). And I’ve loved (almost) every single minute of it. I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered my passion and to have the energy, opportunity, and good fortune to establish a career out of it. 

Have you discovered your passion? Do you want to learn how to utilize your personal brand to create a career you love? Then this is the class for you.

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These are a few of the key points that I’ll cover in the class: 

  • Honing in on your expertise, vision, and community
  • Developing your content pillars and channels 
  • Identifying worthwhile opportunities like partnerships and product lines
  • Honoring your audience as you grow your brand

Ready to turn your passion into a career?

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