Ryan Reynolds Simply Despatched Paul McCartney a Bottle of Queen Elizabeth’s Gin

Ryan Reynolds welcomes some healthy competition.

The Aviation Gin owner jokingly celebrated the Royal Family’s launch of a gin brand, officially titled Buckingham Palace Gin, by sending a bottle to Beatles artist Paul McCartney. The Deadpool star captioned his Instagram of a false receipt, “Pre-ordered.” 

However, many were quick to notice the address for the famed musician was 221b Baker Street, Downton Abbey Rd, 1D4 LYF, a fake address which can best be described as a combination of British pop culture names. And if that didn’t give the ruse away, then Ryan’s address of 1 Upmanship Dr., Notcoolington, WTF FML did the trick. 

That being said, the Royal Family is indeed holding a pre-sale for their own gin, described as having a “unique royal origin”, but it’s for a good cause. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Royal Trust Collection, an organization dedicated to the conservation of artwork the family owns.

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