A Assembly With the Folks Leads to Tears for Brittany on 90 Day Fiancé: The Different Means

Deavan and Jihoon
In South Korea, Deavan was feeling hoodwinked. She said Jihoon lied to trick her into coming to South Korea. He apologized and said he was selfish, and that ever since he met her, he’s been nervous. He started a part-time job so he could rest when he wants to rest. He took some money he made and put it into a fund for his mom to manage. But why didn’t he help her with that money? Now, she used everything she had to keep her and the kids afloat and get to South Korea, she has nothing, she said she gave up everything, “but you couldn’t give up some time to work a little bit harder to help.”

“My life is not a game,” she said. So, off she went to a hotel where she said she could feel safe.

“I feel like game over,” he said.

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