Jessica Simpson’s Successful Historical past of Making the Maximum Out of Each and every Alternative

In her book, she pinpointed the day where she realized she needed to get clean to Halloween, 2017, when there was just too much activity taking place at her often-busy house on what felt like an overwhelmingly busy day, and—addled by her growing reliance on alcohol and Ambien to make it through most days—she collapsed into tears. 

The next day, her friends had an intervention for her and, thanks to therapy and the support of her devoted inner circle, Simpson has been sober ever since.

In February 2019, finding a moment to herself after yet another hectic day, Simpson—then pregnant with daughter Birdie—wrote in what became the prologue to her book that she was physically pretty uncomfortable, but, “Still, I was present. I kept a promise I made to myself a little over a year before to show up in my own life. To feel things, whether they were the result of bad memories, or good ones in the making…I had to strip away all the self-medicating to feel the pain and figure out what was wrong…Knowing what I had to face was a good sign for me.”

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