What The 100 Prequel Collection May Glance Like After Backdoor Pilot

Then Becca showed up with her nightblood serum, which would allow humans to go outside into the radiation, and with A.L.I.E. 2, the AI she had developed to combat the first A.L.I.E. and to preserve humanity.

Cadogan desperately wanted the code only Becca possessed and had her burned at the stake after the AI had been removed, but Callie and a few others got away with the serum and the AI. They escaped the bunker, off to become the Grounders, while Callie’s mom was forced out of the bunker with no serum and very little time to catch up with her daughter. 

Meanwhile, Cadogan took the rest of his followers and led them into the anomaly, leaving the bunker empty behind them. 

Back in Bardo, Cadogan begged Clarke to tell him if his daughter was in the flame that he believed she has, while Clarke, with a gun to Cadogan’s head, asked for her friends. Three disciples then walked in and took off their helmets, revealing themselves to be Octavia, Diyoza, and Echo…which is new. 

We’ll get to that last moment in a minute, but first let’s talk about this potential prequel. We asked creator Jason Rothenberg to preview just what the series might look like, if it gets picked up. 

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