J.Ok. Rowling Receives Backlash After New Feedback Concerning the Transgender Neighborhood

Trans activist and model, Munroe Bergdorf, responded to Rowling’s tweets.

“Not once has @jk_rowling stopped to think about the damage she is doing to the mental health of trans kids. Not supporting a trans kids transition doesn’t stop them from being trans,” the model shared. “If anything forcing them to live as a gender they don’t identity as, is conversion therapy.”

She wrote, “Kids, I want to say that I am so, so sorry this is happening. I will fight tooth and nail on this for you, I will always fight for you. These evil people will not win.”

YouTuber Kat Blaque expressed, “Why does JK Rowling need to keep reminding the world that she doesn’t see transgender people’s genders as valid? I hate to say this but trans folks who take hormones, have surgeries etc, KNOW their biology isn’t similar to the cis folks who share their gender.”

Adding, “And it’s honestly so annoying for people to pretend that taking a stance against transgender folks is edgy and is a stance that’s actively silenced. I hate how people forget that while you debate about if trans folks get to participate in public society, time continues for us.”

Drag artist Juno Birch wrote, “JK Rowling needs to be quiet immediately she is literally harming the trans community, she apparently just posted the clinic I went to as a child and said that they are experimenting on us, when in fact the Tavistock clinic saved my life.”

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