E!’s Nina Parker Demanding situations Other folks to ”Discuss Up” In opposition to Racism

E!’s Nina Parker has a question for people at home: “What are you going to do in this climate to make it different?” 

In response to the police killing of George Floyd, the Nightly Pop host is sharing an important message to those who have yet to publicly express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement

“Racists are really loud, so if you don’t agree with that, why are you silent? The people who hate me are loud as f-ck. I have been called n—-r so many times in my DM’s these last few days,” Parker said during Monday’s episode of Nightly Pop. “If you care about me, I need you to speak up because these people who hate me are loud. I don’t give a damn about your insecurities. I don’t care how people are going to perceive you.”

Referencing Floyd’s final moments, which were caught on camera by bystanders and circulated online, “If you do not agree how people are treated, if you do not agree with seeing a man lose his life and beg for his mother on the ground, I need you to say something. I need you to challenge your friends who say racist jokes.”

Nina Parker, 2019 E! People's Choice Awards, Red Carpet Fashion

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“What are you going to do in this climate to make it different?” she asked. “Or would you just rather be comfortable and complain when things blow up in your face? Because I’m tired and my tolerance is high because I’ve been dealing with this my whole life.”

During Monday’s Nightly Pop segment, Nina continued to express that she could “never sit back and watch” any other group of member of another community “face this type of treatment and stay silent.” 

As she explained, “I have never seen victims be blamed than the way that I have seen Black people who have been treated with police brutality… It’s always their fault.”

“I’m just really exhausted,” Parker added, “I’m really tired. I’m tired of the microaggressions. I’m tired of the discrimination. I’m tired y’all. I have to tell you. I’m exhausted.” 

“E! stands in solidarity with the black community against systemic racism and oppression experienced every day in America,” the network said in a statement on May 31. “We owe it to our black staff, talent, production partners and viewers to demand change and accountability. To be silent is to be complicit. #BlackLivesMatter.”

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