E!’s Nina Parker Provides Sobering Tackle George Floyd’s Loss of life, Racism and Police Brutality

“But these black men and women are continuously being killed and I don’t see a full Hollywood movement. And I don’t see these full movements for these people,” Nina said, tearing up. “If that man had put a dog on that street and put his knee on a dog, everybody would be talking about it and enraged. It wouldn’t be party lines. It wouldn’t be, ‘Well, did he resist?’ It wouldn’t be because ‘Oh, because it was a dangerous type of dog.’ It would be…this man would be in jail already.”

“So it’s infuriating to me as a black person to have to prove my worth to be humanized,” she added. 

Erin echoed Nina’s sentiments and called for people to “actively seek” a dialogue about race. 

“We don’t want more situations where there’s Amy Cooper calling the cops on innocent bystanders,” Erin insisted, referring to the woman behind a racist confrontation that took place over the weekend in New York’s Central Park. “Like what you said, this is not a black problem, this is a human problem. And we need to be actively fighting racism because the new racism, quite frankly, is denying that there is racism in this system.”

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