Comedy Flora and fauna Pictures Awards 2020 entries are the chortle all of us want at this time

(CNN) — We could all use a laugh right now. Thankfully, the natural world has answered our prayers for a bit of respite from the daily doom and gloom.

From a photo of an Alaskan brown bear caught ‘dancing’ with his paws mid air, to a northern pygmy owl giving the viewer a wonky wink, the photos, which have been earmarked as some of the best entries to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020, are sure to raise the spirits of anyone who needs a chuckle.

The competition, which is in its sixth year, is open for entries until June 30, but the founders have decided to share some of the best images so far.

There’s also a serious side to the awards, with co-founders and professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam eager to promote conservation of wildlife and natural habitats.

“The pictures coming in this year are particularly poignant, and we are thrilled to have so many strong contenders already,” Sullam said in a statement.

“The world is experiencing unprecedented upheaval, but the single brightest light coming out of the gloom is the positive impact on the climate that our self-imposed lockdown has created.

“Sadly though, many conservation efforts are losing funding and our competition exists to keep raising awareness, a smile and hopefully support wild animals around the world.”

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