Chris Cuomo Heartbroken As Spouse Cristina Assessments Sure For Coronavirus

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was on his way to recovering from COVID-19 but revealed Wednesday (April 15) that his wife, Cristina, tested positive for coronavirus as well.

Chris, who was under self-quarantine in his basement for more than two weeks, shared the news during an on-air interview with his older brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-NY.

“It just breaks my heart,” Chris said. “It is the one thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen, and now it has.”

The governor told his brother one of the challenges of being in quarantine at home was that other family members may be infected.

“That’s why we talked about people who quarantine in hotels,” he told Chris. “Even if they’re wearing a mask and gloves, that virus can live on some surfaces up to two days.”

Chris, however, said his wife was not upset about getting infected. The family believes Cristina’s symptoms were milder compared to Chris, who had trouble getting his fever down.

On his show Tuesday, Chris had Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, as his guest. He told the doctor he wanted to go three days without taking Tylenol but his temperature spiked to 101 in the 60th hour.

Chris admitted he was frustrated about COVID-19 but he could not shake the virus even as his symptoms were improving.

“I’m scared by this. I’m scared by the potential of this and it frustrates me because I can’t get out of this basement,” Chris said. “Everybody tells me it’s gradual, it takes time – anywhere from two to three-and-a-half weeks, but it is maddening to have this little, stupid fever.”

The anchor compared his experience with battling COVID-19 as a lot like the people in the United States, who were hoping things will return to normal and were ready to get back to work but still can’t get out of the house.

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Chris said the virus does not just develop physical illness but also psychological and emotional illnesses because it was always in the head, creating brain fog and causing people to be edgy.

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