South Koreans cross to the polls dressed in mask and plastic gloves in election held amid coronavirus pandemic

South Koreans are today going to the polls in one of the first national elections held amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Voters were told to attend polling stations wearing masks and plastic gloves and were having their temperature taken on arrival.

Anyone whose temperature was higher than 37.5C (99.5 F) is being led to a special booth.

All voters must use hand sanitiser as they cast ballots and maintain one metre (40 inches) distance between each other.

A voter has his temperature checked at a polling station in South Korea’s capital (AP)

The election is set to decide control of parliament and shape President Moon Jae-in’s ability to push through his agenda in the final two years of his administration.

His agenda includes looser fiscal policy aimed at creating jobs, raising the minimum wage, and continued re-engagement with North Korea.

Globally, South Korea was one of the first countries to hold a national election since the coronavirus epidemic began, while many others postponed votes.

Once grappling with the first large outbreak outside China, South Korea has largely managed to bring its cases under control without major disruptions thanks to a massive testing campaign and intensive contact tracing.

Voters wearing protective face masks queue to vote in South Korea’s national election on Wednesday morning (YONHAP/AFP via Getty Images)

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 27 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, bringing the total infections to 10,564.

The daily tally has hovered around 30 over the past week, most of them from overseas travellers.

But authorities have warned that infections could resurge at any times, calling for special caution on election day.

More than 13,000 people in self-quarantine have signed up to vote and will be allowed to do so after other voters leave at 6pm (9pm UK time)

The election campaign has taken on a different look, with candidates wearing masks and bumping fists instead of pressing the flesh and mass rallies

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