I’ve in spite of everything discovered the easiest EV — and it was once made in 1953

Cars of the future are almost certainly going to be powered by electricity. We’re not going to have much choice as governments around the world look to ban petrol and diesel powered vehicles in favor of EVs.

On one hand, this is obviously great for the environment, but it makes me a little sad, because most contemporary EVs just sort of feel, the same. They all have bags of torque, accelerate swiftly, are silent, and are just generally a pleasure to drive. But where is the charm, noise, brave styling, and quirks, and intermittent electric faults that give a car character and personality?

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If you ask me, the styling of modern EVs is bland and uneventful, meh. Color choices are duller than a bag of old nuts and bolts — Tesla has just five colors to choose from, red, black, silver, dark blue, and white, bigger meh.

I’m just so uninspired by what’s available right now. Cars like the Honda-E and Mini E are trying to buck the trend, but I don’t expect these to be as successful as Tesla are in terms of sales, so it seems nothing will change.

Thankfully though, there are companies out there making interesting and exciting EVs by converting classic cars — UK-based EV conversion company Lunaz is one such company.

All other EVs should step aside, because Lunaz is making the perfect electric vehicle, and it’s based on a 1953 Jaguar XK120.


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Credit: Motor Authority