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Kashmir and Kashmiris must have their dose of humour, even in distress.

As the world struggles with the new strain of virus, Kashmiris have coined a new variant of curfew.

What the world is calling self quarantine, Kashmiris are calling it Corona Curfew! Bandh, hartal, curfew and lockdown are the words new borns in Kashmir valley grow up with.

So the kids know exactly what it means! If they need to be taught anything, it is the meaning of the word normalcy! In retaliation to the official curfew imposed by the authorities since 1990s, separatists call for a bandh was known as civil curfew! In the local lexicon, a hartal is restricted to commercial establishments, bandh is extended to transport, civil curfew entails no movement of people as well.

The motivation behind the bandhs and civil curfew has always been resentment and protest against the government.

Now, we are heading towards a Corona curfew! A self-imposed civil curfew caused by the fear of the dreaded COVID-19 epidemic.

Most people are staying indoors and unlike elsewhere where it is causing stress and trauma, Kashmiris are completely at home with this; literally and metaphorically.

This is one form of civil curfew that the authorities will not only be very happy with but will also endorse wholeheartedly!

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