The way to deal with poisonous other folks as an internet neighborhood supervisor

Communication surrounds us, and it’s so deeply rooted in our everyday life that we barely make any efforts to initiate a new dialog. Especially online. It turns out that self-expression on the internet is way more comfortable than in real life (we all understand the reasons for it).

Guided by this idea, one might assume that any position, connected with online communication (SMM, blogging, Patreon, crowdfunding, online marketing or any other activity involving work with an audience) is something any person would nail.

Let me assure you, it’s not as easy as it seems. Internet reality plays by its own rules and you’re obliged to know them and understand what to do when dealing with people online.

I have been working as a community support manager for more than two years now. It’s a massive period of time measured by the amount of communication I initiate every single day, sending cooperation offers to designers, replying to comments and reviews, creating social media posts and updates. But technical support is the sphere I always have to tinker with the most.

I’m not going to pretend that my job is all smiles and happiness. I meet rude people as many times as I meet sweethearts (sometimes even more, or at least it seems like it). And everyone comes to me with their different-levels-of-difficulty problems.

All people are unique, no doubt about that, but still, the experience has allowed me to shape the special types of help-seekers and define the best way of dealing with them.

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