Courtroom reveals Dubai ruler used to be harassing ex-wife in another country

In a judgement published Thursday, the UK High Court said that such intimidating behavior from Sheikh Mohammed is provable through his previous conduct, including orchestrating the kidnapping of his daughter. The fact-finding judgment is part of an ongoing wardship proceeding for two of the Sheikh and Princess’s children.

“The mother made a number of allegations to the effect that the father had conducted a campaign, by various means, with the aim of harassing, intimidating or otherwise putting the mother in great fear both in early 2019 when she was still in Dubai and at all times since her move to England in April 2019,” the court concluded, adding that such allegations have been found provable.

Sheikh Mohammed criticized the judgement, calling the court’s assessment a one-sided account. “As a Head of Government, I was not able to participate in the Court’s fact-finding process, this has resulted in the release of a ‘fact-finding’ judgement which inevitably tells only one side of the story,” a statement issued by the Sheikh’s legal representatives said.

Princess Haya was the sixth wife of the billionaire ruler. She is the third female family member of Sheikh Mohammed’s court to leave the UAE. Two of his daughters — from another marriage — have previously attempted to flee the country.
Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya attended Royal Ascot in 2014.

According to the court documents, Sheikh Mohammed divorced Princess Haya under Sharia Law on 7 February 2019, without her knowing about it. That document said the day was the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Haya’s father, King Hussein of Jordan, a date the Princess said was deliberately chosen by the Sheikh to “maximise insult and upset to her.”

In connection with the high-profile case heard at London’s Royal Courts of Justice, the court also found that the Dubai Sheikh had orchestrated the abduction of his daughter Princess Shamsa from the UK and ordered the “forcible return” of his daughter Princess Latifa to their family home in Dubai.

“In August 2000 the father ordered and orchestrated the unlawful abduction of his daughter Princess Shamsa from the United Kingdom to Dubai,” the court’s judgment outlined. “On two occasions in June 2002 and February 2018, the father ordered and orchestrated the forcible return of his daughter Princess Latifa to the family home in Dubai,” it added.

Dubai ruler sues wife Princess Haya in UK's High Court

Princess Haya, the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and the half-sister of the King of Jordan, is a well-known international figure. She is close friends with the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Princess Haya’s lawyer Fiona Shackleton acted for Prince Charles in his divorce from Princess Diana.

The princess, 45, studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University and is a keen equestrian, representing Jordan at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

Sheikh Mohammed, 70, is the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai.

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